Motian Songbook

The Compositions of
Paul Motian
Volume 1 · 1973 - 1989

64 Original Compositions • 5 Unreleased Songs
In Paul Motian's Own Handwriting
Music Essay by Bill Frisell, Notes by Steve Cardenas
$24.95 USD

Front & back cover of the spiral bound book

The Compositions of Paul Motian Volume 1 1973-1989
Softcover Spiral Binding   
88 pages   64 original compositions
Publisher: Cynthia McGuirl (2016)                                   
Language: English
ISBN# 978-1-940244-75-4
Dimensions: 9" x 12" x .375"
Weight: 15.4 oz
Price: $24.95 USD   

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I (Cindy McGuirl, Paul Motian's niece) am self publishing and selling this book myself. Please help spread the word by telling other people about the book. My goal is to sell enough copies to be able to publish The Compositions of Paul Motian Volume 2 1990-2011 which will contain around the same number of compositions. 
Thank you for supporting the music of Paul Motian!

I have no plan to offer an electronic version of this book.

Almost all of the songs in this book were originally recorded on these 5-CD Sets: 
ECM 5-CD Set                              Soul Note 5-CD Set
Table of Contents
Music Essay by Bill Frisell, Notes by Steve Cardenas

Sample page. All compositions are in Paul Motian's handwriting.

5 Podcasts of Uncle Paul's Jazz Closet play the songs from the Composition Book in alphabetical order. Listen below:  


  1. Paul Motian was the most original composer this side of Thelonious Monk. His music deserves to be played. I hope to see some day a series of Bill Frisell recordings (volumes 1, 2, 3, ....) with a rotating roster of guest musicians, featuring the compositions of Paul Motian.

    1. Check out Small Town with a great version of It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago.

  2. This looks awesome. Motion was one of my favorite jazz drummers and his simple (sometimes complex) almost folk-like tunes have been an influence on me as a struggling jazz composer. Let me not forget to mention too that his work with Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, the Paul Motian Trio and his Electric Bebop Band as being some of my favorite jazz records.

  3. The first volume of Paul's compositions is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing this! Is there a kick-starter or any way I can contribute to helping make the second volume available?

    1. Thank you. I'm on track to raise enough funds for Volume 2 by the sales of Volume 1. You could buy more copies and give them away, convince your friends to buy copies, and/or convince your local bookstore/music shop to sell the book. I'm scanning the Volume 2 songs alphabetically and I'm on E. It's a bit slow going.


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